Bridgwater Talking News Constitution

  1. The name of the Charity is "The Bridgwater Talking Newspaper ", hereinafter referred to as "the BTN".
  2. The object of the BTN is to relieve the blind, or the partially sighted, or those labouring under some temporary or permanent incapacity or disability which makes reading a strain, by the provision of recorded tapes or tactile reading matter. In furtherance of this object the BTN through its committee shall have the following powers: -
    1. To take and accept any gifts of property, whether subject to any special trusts or not.
    2. To raise funds and to invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatsoever by way of subscription, donation or otherwise; provided that the committee shall not undertake any permanent trading activities in raising funds for the said object.
    3. To seek authorisation from the Post Office to use the free postage facility available under Post Office Regulations, and, if such authority is granted, to use this facility for the distribution of USB sticks or tactile reading matter to those people to whom the Regulations currently apply.
    4. To distribute the tapes or tactile reading matter by means other than the use of the free postage facility mentioned in clause 2(c) hereof to people other than those covered by the Post Office Regulations relating to this facility.
  3. The Annual General Meeting of the BTN shall be held following the end of the financial year as soon as practicable each year and every member shall receive not less than fourteen days’ notice of such meeting. Extraordinary meeting(s) may be convened by the Secretary upon request by the committee or three members of the BTN upon a similar notice, which shall state the business to be considered at the meeting. The quorum at an Annual General Meeting shall be five.
  4. At the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary meeting every member including the Chairman shall have one vote and in the case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
  5. The committee of the BTN shall meet once a year and additionally as required. Each member of the committee including the Chairman shall have one vote and in the case of equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote.
  6. All sums collected shall be handed over to the Treasurer or Secretary who shall pay the sum into the bank account in the name of the Charity. Cheques shall be signed by the Chairman or the Secretary and one other member of the committee.
  7. The Trustees shall invest in their names any monies not required for the immediate purposes of the BTN in securities in which trust monies may by law be invested with power from time to time to transpose such investments.
  8. Any property purchased by the BTN shall be vested in the Trustees. The Trustees shall with such consent as is by law required deal with the property so vested in them by way of sale, mortgage, lease or otherwise, howsoever, as directed by the BTN. Such direction shall be given by a resolution of the members of the BTN passed by a majority of the members present at a duly convened meeting of the BTN, and when so passed shall in favour of a subsequent purchaser, mortgagee, chargee or grantee be binding upon all members of the BTN. A certificate purporting to be signed by the Secretary for the time being of the BTN shall in favour of a purchaser, mortgagee, chargee, lessee or grantee be conclusive evidence that such a direction was duly given.
  9. In the event of the dissolution of the BTN any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the BTN but shall be given or transferred to a charitable organisation or organisations having objects similar to the BTN.
  10. The Constitution may be amended by a three fourths majority of the members present at the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting provided that fourteen days’ notice of the proposed amendment has been sent to all members and provided that no alteration is made the effect of which would cause the BTN at any time to cease to be a charity in law and no alteration to clauses 2, 10 or this clause is made without previously consulting the Charity Commissioners.


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