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Somerset Sight
Somerset Sight are an independent, self-funding local charity - providing services and activities for visually impaired people within their local communities throughout the county of Somerset.



Talking News Federation
There are over 500 local and independent talking newspapers across the United Kingdom - mainly run by volunteers. They record local news and information into audio format (cassette tapes, CDs, or through the internet) for blind and partially sighted people. Some of these services are now being expanded to physically handicapped people as well.
The Talking News Federation (TNF) is made up of 400 of these local Talking Newspapers (TNs). The TNF takes a long-term view of the future, assists with present issues, and deals with issues such as Copyright, Articles for the Blind, and proposed items of legislation and consultation.
Royal National Institute for the Blind
Supporting Blind and partially sighted people. This is the main R.N.I.B. website
Guide Dogs
Guide Dogs provide mobility and freedom to blind and partially sighted people.
Anyone with sight loss could benefit from guide dog ownership and many guide dog owners aren't formally registered as blind or partially-sighted
Info Sound
Offering free services for those in the UK who live with sight loss, the charity Infosound produces a monthly 'Despatch' audio magazine compilation on CD, a weekly online 'Briefing' of news and information and a web-based 'Select' service of individual items of interest for blind and partially-sighted people, their families, friends and carers.
If you'd like to listen to our web site, then listed below are some of the most commonly used FREE screen readers that you can download and try.
NaturalReader:   -   suitable for Windows and Mac users
NVDA:              -   suitable for Windows (PC)
Thunder:           -   suitable for Windows (PC)
Firevox:            -   suitable for Mac, OSX
VoiceOver:        -   suitable for Mac, OSX (Apple)
WebAnywhere:   -   suitable for Windows (PC), Mac                                                                                                                                and Linux
Orca:               -   suitable for Linux
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